Swot analysis of bangladesh pharmaceutical industry

Soaring cost of discovering novel products Competition Competitors 1.

A Study on SWOT Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry: The Bangladesh Context

Most of them have their own depots through which they distribute their products all over the 64 districts in Bangladesh. Being the lowest cost producer combined with FDA approved plants; Indian companies can become a global outsourcing hub for pharmaceutical products.

Good motivation and morale.

Swot Analysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

The demand for good-quality medicine increasing and it is expecting that local market will reach BDT billion by Pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is doing well internationally. These creates unbalance situation in domestic market. Then the government will try to regulate the price and pharmaceutical companies will lose their premium income.

The industry includes medical marijuana dispensaries and stores that sell Very small players may not be able to cope up with the challenging environment and may succumb to giants.

Some company introduces mattered dose inhalation aerosols by commissioning of its state of the art MDI plant. The short-term threat for the pharmacy industry is the uncertainty regarding the implementation of VAT. Some companies have got the license of global brand. They have strong marketing ; sales force of over 12, employees4.

The SWOT analysis may also suggest other strategic options. Since inception, there was little consensus on the development of pharmaceutical policies best suited in a developing country such as Bangladesh. Additionally, the ageing population increasingly requires innovative healthcareand pharmaceutical solutions, thus providing complementary areas of interest.

The medical representatives of the pharmaceutical companies maintain the relationship with the doctors. Foreign Direct Investment FDI will help the country in further developing infrastructures, creating more employment, developing capacity, enhancing skills of the labour force of the host country through transferring technological knowledge and managerial capability.

It will help this country to be a develop country.

SWOT Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry

So the market is controlled by few companies only and that is why the entry barrier is higher. Threat of Substitute Products Threat of substitute products is very low for the industry, as nothing can be a substitute for medicines. It has made the country near self sufficient in pharmaceuticals, became the 2nd largest contributor to government exchequer and is now a major employer of the knowledge based workers.

Taking defensive measures in areas of threat where you are weak see 6.SWOT Analysis Strengths High Quality Product: ACI is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain certification of ISO Quality Management System in Environmental Policy: ACI is the first Company in Bangladesh to get certification of ISO Environmental Management System in /5(1).

“Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh By Abu Nayeem Rizvi Hasan [email protected] Pharmaceutical Sector Overview Pharmaceutical Industry is rising at a very amaging rate and contributing to the national economy.

The strengths of the pharmaceutical industry’s SWOT analysis document the internal industry components that are providing value, quality goods and services and overall excellence.

The internal industry components can include physical resources, human capital or features the industry can control. Swot incepta pharmaceuticals ltd. 2. TopicsSWOT analysis of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Introduction of Pharmaceuticals industry in Bangladesh: • The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors within the countrys economy.

Inthere were licensed allopathic drug-manufacturing units in. Industry Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors which is contributing in the country 's economy.

After the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance -the development of this sector was accelerated.

Pharmaceuticals Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

References 10 Pharmaceuticals Industry Analysis Page 1 Executive Summary This report provides an analytical strategic review of the pharmaceutical industry; it’s origins, evolution, development and competitive environment within which it operates and the strategic issues facing the industry.

Swot analysis of bangladesh pharmaceutical industry
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