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Australia and New Zealand represent very strong economic partners for many island nations in the Pacific Region. To achieve this, they plan to release these GE trees in a fully fertile state to spread their pollen and seeds widely, invading the forests and contaminating any wild American chestnuts in their path.

The selective breeding techniques used by farmers rely on the genetic variation already present in the population, which includes mutations that occur spontaneously in nature.


Did the animal whose meat? Repopulating our woods — and even our yards, our commons and our courthouse lawns — with [GE] American chestnuts would put a versatile, nutritious, easily harvested food source within reach of just about everyone.

I certainly get lost in the government-speak translation. The average American child is ingesting GMOs for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! GM papaya is grown for commercial purposes. So no, just because it is a single gene from wheat, it is not inherently safe.

Beware of the ingesting GMOs disguised as additives in food and supplements as well. GMO soybeans are also linked to infant mortality and infertility. The Human Genome Project which was completed in April —the largest collaborative scientific project ever conducted—eventually proved this hypothesis to be incorrect.

One of the alleged benefits GMO crops exist for is to reduce the use of herbicides. But around 2 billion people on the planet today are subsistence farmers who rely on raising their own seed.

We do know, though, that GMOs have been linked to infertility, birth defects, allergic reactions, kidney disease, high infant mortality rates and miscarriage.

The scientists developing the GMO chestnuts argue that they have been modified only with the insertion of a single wheat gene, so what can possibly be the harm?

In emails back and forth with a CFIA inspector, the Riverside representative said the certifiers for both their organic seal and for the Non-GMO Project Verified label said there should be no problem with their labels.

What is Non-GMO? What are genetically modified foods?

On August 8,more than farmers and sectoral organizations stormed the gates of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 5 in Pili, Camarines Sur and uprooted the Golden Rice plants inside the sqm field area.

In the end, Americans are the ones who will suffer a lifetime of diseases. Overall, by continuing to consume large amounts of GMOs, Americans are literally putting their lives up for grabs. In my humble opinion, that has got to change.

People in the U. Health Impact News Editor Comments: The pdf report by the Land Institute can be found here. Farmers say NO to Golden Rice Farmer groups and sectoral organizations, however call for the prohibition of the commercialization, citing issues on rice genetic diversity loss, farmer rights, environmental effects and health impacts.

Monsanto and ArborGen among them. The techniques used for gene modification involve steps that take place in vitro, that is they take place outside of any organism. In other words, they support the fundamental human right—the right to knowledge. Given that we know about the existence of somecellular proteins including enzymes in the body, it is clear that some genes must code for more than one protein.Say No to GMO.

By: Steve Frailey Wednesday May 30, comments Tags: organic farming, gmo Natural Vs. Organic and Certified Organic vs. Non-GMO. Many years ago, I was attending a trade show on the mainland for our organic Noni products when someone asked our.

SUMMARY: "A mission to educate pacific islanders and discourage them from using genetic modified organism (GMO) seeds to grow on their farms for food and sales is currently underway. Not on my Shift!

Say No to GMO!

I affirm, I stand up, I say yes to Nature's Original Technology of pure air, water, food on land and sea. The chain of whole being is now being restored.

Say NO to GMO Salmon

Between us, we have pretty much covered the companies that stand behind GMO labeling, and those who are using GMO's in their products. This "Say 'No!' to GMO" campaign consists of a list of brands and companies that use Monsanto products, or whose parent or sister companies use these products.

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Say no to gmo
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