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But someone grabbed her hijab from behind to pull it off then a park ranger wrestled another one of the women in the group to the ground. Ali explained that it was against her religion to remove the scarf and that she had been permitted to wear the scarf on other similar rides.

I mentioned in my blog that I Responses to assignment 1 1 my choice of images could change over time and revisiting my original long list I think the project would work better as an extended selection rather than being limited to 10 images.

In the process, we de-Americanize many communities of color, perpetuating their image as immigrant Americans rather than full Americans. Looking at the images again I am happy with the processing as I find the high contrast adds to the mood of the pictures. Your blog assignments will count as a quiz grade.

I suggest moving that down, foregrounding the main thrust of the project differences between 2 sets. The process often involves two aspects — 1 the actions of private individuals and 2 official government-sanctioned actions.

I think that some of what has been picked up here are the dilemmas which I am struggling with at this time. It was one that I did not want to leave as such and some of the subjects and materials are areas that I will definitely be developing in the future. As I have mentioned before, achieving the right balance between study and taking photographs is something I am very aware of.

Included below is a list of general questions for those students who lack a specific topic for the week. Feedback on Assignment …. Or, perhaps you will apply a critical approach to the text. We learn and unlearn, and in the process, the bad behavior of vigilante racism is reinforced.

A park employee asked her to remove the hijab, citing a park rule that loose items had to be removed for safety reasons.

Assignment 1: Response to tutor feedback

Your grade will be based on the quality and depth of your insights, and on the use of specific textual evidence as support. This little series of pomegranate drawings and prints was a spontaneous response to these fruits.

Response Paper Assignment Example

Sometimes this may deviate from the assignment itself but yet the element of self discovery is equally important. The sizes mostly relate — especially in the life drawing sessions — to surfaces that I can handle in the 3 hour sessions.

Finally, the benefit of asking for feedback from fellow students through the forums is mentioned which is certainly something I aim to continue to do. Notice things that a casual reader would not. When the attendant stood firm, Ali and other women in the group decided to go ask for a refund.

Comparing different photographers work in this way should illustrate how it is the photographer and in this case their differing methodologies, which can produce very different outcomes.

I find the lack of detail in the shot and the lone figure one of the most affecting in the set as this is a less direct way of emphasising the theme of loneliness and isolation I was attempting to show.May 18,  · Assignment 1 – Response and Reflection on feedback Overall Comments Review your work so far and consider what you find the most successful, is there a particular style or way of working you would like to focus on more.

Sep 03,  · Response to question 1 (cancelled class assignment) Questions My definition of working art is anything someone comes up with through imagination and uses their skills to paint, sculpt, draw, etc. Answer to Javascript Programming: Assignment 1 1.

An HTTP response is sent from a. the web server to the application server b. the. The Summary Response January 26, DUE: February 1, The Summary Response builds on summary in two ways.

First, before you can respond to a text.

Response to question 1 (cancelled class assignment)

Jun 20,  · Assignment 1 Response to tutor. Collage following tutor feedback after Assignment 1.

Viewing and Scoring Students' Responses to Skills Practice Assignments

In discussion with my tutor, she suggested that I look at the area of death and decay. Although my interest is in living nature, I can see the wisdom of presenting the opposite to provoke the viewer to question the cycle of life.

Assignment 1 Response to tutor

In response to this. Response Paper Assignment Example This example of a weekly response assignment asks for students to submit a one page paper every Friday.

The instructor posts specific questions each week during the first few weeks to give the students an indication of what they might pay attention to while reading.

Responses to assignment 1 1
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